Lars Möhler

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A mathematical model that describes the replication of influenza A virus in animal cells in large-scale microcarrier culture is presented. The virus is produced in a two-step process, which begins with the growth of adherent Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells. After several washing steps serum-free virus maintenance medium is added, and the cells are(More)
An assay for measuring the number of adherent cells on microcarriers that is independent from dilution errors in sample preparation was used to investigate attachment dynamics and cell growth. It could be shown that the recovery of seeded cells is a function of the specific rates of cell attachment and cell death, and finally a function of the initial(More)
To describe the growth behavior of anchorage-dependent mammalian cells in microcarrier systems, various approaches comprising deterministic and stochastic single cell models as well as automaton-based models have been presented in the past. The growth restriction of these often contact-inhibited cells by spatial effects is described at levels with different(More)
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