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OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between mental distress, academic performance and regular breakfast consumption across gender and immigration status. DESIGN Cross-sectional population-based study. Two four-page questionnaires were filled in during two school sessions. SETTING All junior high schools in Oslo, Norway using the classroom as the(More)
BACKGROUND Psychiatric outpatients with a refugee background have often been exposed to a variety of potentially traumatizing events, with numerous negative consequences for their mental health and quality of life. However, some patients also report positive personal changes, posttraumatic growth, related to these potentially traumatic events. This study(More)
Mental health problems have been regarded as one of the main public health challenges of immigrants in several countries. Understanding and generating research-based knowledge on immigrant health problems is highly relevant for planning preventive interventions, as well as guiding social and policy actions. This review aims to map the available knowledge on(More)
BACKGROUND School drop-out is a problem all over the world with adverse life-course consequences. The aim of this paper is to study how internalising and externalising problems in the 10th grade are associated with non-completion of upper secondary school, and to examine the mediating role of grade points in the 10th grade across general academic and(More)
We performed a cross-sectional, questionnaire-based study to explore the relationship of suicidal ideation, mental health problems, and social functioning to acne severity among adolescents aged 18-19 years. A total of 4,744 youth were invited and 3,775 (80%) participated. In all, 14% reported having substantial acne (a lot and very much). Among those with(More)
BACKGROUND Subclinical forms of eating disorders (ED) are highly prevalent, but relatively little is known about age trends, gender differences and distinctions among symptoms. This study investigates age trends and gender difference in binge eating, purging and non-purging compensatory behaviours (CB) and the relationship of such behaviours to psychosocial(More)
Lower age of menarche has been associated with increased mental distress among adolescent girls. The association might be mediated via body image, as girls with early menarche tend to have higher weight than those with late onset menarche. Many of the existing studies of menarche and mental distress are based on samples of white, western girls. The aim of(More)
A transition is taking place in the organization of psychiatric services. The length of stay in hospitals is reduced and partly replaced by treatment and care in the community. The readmission rate is proposed as one indicator to analyse the effectiveness of this transition. A comprehensive literature review was conducted to ascertain whether readmission(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined whether high levels of consumption of sugar-containing soft drinks were associated with mental distress, hyperactivity, and conduct problems among adolescents. METHODS A cross-sectional population-based survey was conducted with 10th-grade students in Oslo, Norway (n = 5498). We used the Hopkins Symptom Checklist and the Strengths(More)
BACKGROUND Selection bias is a threat to the internal validity of epidemiological studies. In light of a growing number of studies which aim to provide DNA, as well as a considerable number of invitees who declined to participate, we discuss response rates, predictors of lost to follow-up and failure to provide DNA, and the presence of possible selection(More)