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The purpose of this investigation was to examine the discharge properties of single motor units and the structure of the rectified 10, 20, and 40 Hz electromyographic (EMG) activity to determine a physiological correlate for the greater force variability with aging. Young (n=10; mean: 22+/-1 years), old (n=10; mean: 67+/-2 years), and older-old (n=10; mean:(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the prevalence of the frontal lobe syndrome (FLS) and the frontal variant of frontotemporal dementia (fvFTD) in a population based sample of 85 year olds. METHODS A representative sample of 85 year olds (n = 451) in Gothenburg, Sweden was examined with a neuropsychiatric examination and a key informant interview performed by an(More)
We studied motor unit (MU) firing rate and contractile properties and myosin isoform composition of single muscle fibers after upper motoneuron lesion. Single-MUs and surface electromyogram (EMG) were recorded during voluntary contractions and locomotion in the paretic (P) and nonparetic (NP) tibialis anterior (TA) of 15 hemiparetics. P TA low-threshold MUs(More)
Although the canonical transforming growth factor β signaling pathway represses skeletal muscle growth and promotes muscle wasting, a role in muscle for the parallel bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling pathway has not been defined. We report, for the first time, that the BMP pathway is a positive regulator of muscle mass. Increasing the expression of(More)
Thyroid hormone (TH) deficiency during development causes severe and permanent neuronal damage, but the primary insult at the tissue level has remained unsolved. We have defined locomotor deficiencies in mice caused by a mutant thyroid hormone receptor alpha1 (TR alpha1) with potent aporeceptor activity attributable to reduced affinity to TH. This allowed(More)
Current cloud computing infrastructure offerings are lacking in interoperability, which is a hindrance to the advancement and adoption of the cloud computing paradigm. As clouds are made interoperable, federations of clouds may be formed. Such federations are from the point of view of the user not burdened by vendor lock-in, and opens for business(More)
Recent evidence suggests that ventricular ejection is partly powered by a delayed development of force, i.e., stretch activation, in regions of the ventricular wall due to stretch resulting from torsional twist of the ventricle around the apex-to-base axis. Given the potential importance of stretch activation in cardiac function, we characterized the(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to examine the influence of visual and motor processes on the deterministic and stochastic structure of force output and motor unit discharge variability. METHODS Young adult subjects produced continuous, isometric force at 3, 6, 12, and 24% of their maximal voluntary contraction at low and high visual gain levels(More)
C57BL/6J (B6) and DBA/2J (D2) strains and two derivative populations, BXD recombinant inbred strains (BXD RIs) and B6D2F2, were used to explore genetic basis for variation in muscle weight at 500 days of age. In parallel with findings in 200-day-old mice (Lionikas A, Blizard DA, Vandenbergh DJ, Glover MG, Stout JT, Vogler GP, McClearn GE, and Larsson L.(More)
BACKGROUND Acute quadriplegic myopathy (AQM) or critical illness myopathy (CIM) is frequently observed in intensive care unit (ICU) patients. To elucidate duration-dependent effects of the ICU intervention on molecular and functional networks that control the muscle wasting and weakness associated with AQM, a gene expression profile was analyzed at time(More)