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We revisit the complexity of the model checking problem for formulas of linear-time temporal logic (LTL). We show that the classic PSPACE-hardness result is actually limited to a subclass of the Kripke frames, which is characterized by a simple structural condition: the model checking problem is only PSPACE-hard if there exists a strongly connected(More)
We present an AC(logDCFL) algorithm for checking LTL formulas over finite paths, thus establishing that the problem can be efficiently parallelized. Our construction provides a foundation for the parallelization of various applications in monitoring, testing, and verification. Linear-time temporal logic (LTL) is the standard specification language to(More)
Path checking, the special case of the model checking problem where the model under consideration is a single path, plays an important role in monitoring, testing, and verification. We prove that for linear-time temporal logic (LTL), path checking can be efficiently parallelized. In addition to the core logic, we consider the extensions of LTL with(More)
This thesis presents efficient parallel algorithms for checking temporal logic formulas over finite paths and trees. We show that LTL path checking is in AC(logDCFL) and CTL tree checking is in AC(logDCFL). For LTL with pasttime and bounded modalities, which is an exponentially more succinct logic, we show that the path checking problem remains in(More)
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