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The paper introduces an active way to detect vegetation which is at front of the vehicle in order to give a better decision-making in navigation. Blowing devices are to be used for creating strong wind to effect vegetation. Motion compensation and motion detection techniques are applied to detect foreground objects which are presumably judged as vegetation.(More)
Exposure of triiodothyronine (T3)-pretreated rats to 1.3% isoflurane, 1.8% enflurane, or 1% halothane in 21% oxygen (air) for two hours resulted in hepatic centrilobular necrosis. The incidence of the liver lesion was 28, 24, and 92% after exposure to isoflurane, enflurane, and halothane, respectively. Histopathologic grading indicated that the necrosis was(More)
A series of (carboxyalkyl)benzyl propargyl ethers was synthesized and tested as inhibitors of 12-lipoxygenase (12-LO) from porcine leukocyte cytosol. Optimum activity was displayed by 3-[4-[(2-tridecynyloxy)methyl]phenyl]propanoic acid. Altering the length of the alkyl side chain attached to the acetylenic group reduced activity. Changing the substitution(More)
dingte Aktivit/itsunterschiede beider wfiBriger L6sungen (des Glases und des Kristalls) bedingt sein. Da auBerdem (wenigstens ffir PhPh) sichergestellt wurde, dab die L6sungen des Kristalls und des Glases ihrer molekularen Zusammensetzung nach identisch waren, mug die Abweichung vom idealen Verhalten durch eine unterschiedliche Struktur von Glas und(More)
In order to adjust the exposure of high resolution and frequency images from an on-board camera in real time, a simple exposure control approach based on luminance histogram analysis is presented to realize light control precisely and rapidly. The algorithm divides the initial image into nine blocks and calculates the mean brightness of every part. It uses(More)
One of the main challenges for autonomous navigation is to determine which obstacles can be driven over and which need to be avoided. The investigation of reconstructing 3D model of the viewed scene has showed good performance in environments such as in yard, hall way or on road. However, in cluttered outdoor environments where frequently the scenes are(More)
This article presents an overview over the whole process of generating a precise and rich 3D representation of the local environment of a moving mobile outdoor robot. The resulting model of this process is a camera image textured triangle mesh which is triangulated from a motion-corrected laser scanned 3D point cloud. The demanding requirements of(More)