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Techniques and algorithms for efficient in-place conversion to and from standard and blocked matrix storage formats are described. Such functionality is required by numerical libraries that use different data layouts internally. Parallel algorithms and a software package for in-place matrix storage format conversion based on in-place matrix transposition(More)
In this article, we describe a possibilis-tic/probabilistic conditional planner called PTLplan. Being inspired by Bacchus and Ka-banza's TLplan, PTLplan is a progressive planner that uses strategic knowledge encoded in a temporal logic to reduce its search space. Actions effects and sensing can be context dependent and uncertain, and the information the(More)
Three structural motifs in the invariant chain (li) control the intracellular transport of class II major histocompatibility complex molecules. An endoplasmic reticulum retention signal in the full-length li suggests a role for li in the alpha-beta heterodimer assembly. Another signal motif directs a truncated li, alone or associated with individual class(More)
Histamine mediates its physiological function through binding to four known histamine receptors. Here, we describe the first selective antagonist of the histamine H4 receptor, the newest member of the histamine receptor family, and provide evidence that such antagonists have anti-inflammatory activity in vivo.(More)
Consider a house cleaning robot planning its activities for the day. Assume that the robot expects the human inhabitant to first dress, then have breakfast, and finally go out. Then, it should plan not to clean the bedroom while the human is dressing, and to clean the kitchen after the human has had breakfast. In general, robots operating in inhabited(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the correlation between anatomical parameters and EMG signals by means of simulations. METHODS A mathematical model of the electrical activity from muscle fibres and motor units has been developed. The electrical fields around the muscle fibres are simulated using a line source model. The model permits the simulation of single muscle(More)
There is a class of oligodendrocyte progenitors, called O-2A progenitors, that is characterized by expression of platelet-derived growth factor &agr;-receptors (PDGFR(&agr;)). It is not known whether all oligodendrocytes are derived from these PDGFRalpha-progenitors or whether a subset(s) of oligodendrocytes develops from a different, PDGFR alpha-negative(More)
Professional antigen-presenting cells (APCs) have a distinct compartment in which class II molecules are proposed to acquire antigenic peptides. Genetic evidence suggests that human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-DM, an unusual class II molecule, participates in this process. Peptide acquisition was reconstituted in nonprofessional APCs by transfection of class(More)