Lars K. Hansen

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The problem of blindly estimating multiple digital co-channel communication signals using an antenna array is studied in the presence of multipath fading. We develop a fast sequential-estimation algorithm for separating multiuser signals based on the geometric observation made by Hansen and Xu in 22. When the signals are constrained to a nite alphabet, it(More)
Akathisia and drug-induced Parkinsonism have traditionally been associated with depression and suicidality based on case study evidence. In this subanalysis, patients with treatment resistant schizophrenia were rated on the Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale, Barnes Akathisia Scale and Simpson-Angus extrapyramidal side-effect scale at two time(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of the presence of a hospital clown during pediatric procedures has rarely been evaluated. In a pediatric ward, botulinum toxin injection is a painful procedure and a stressful experience for the child. We undertook a study of the effect of the presence of a hospital clown on children treated with botulinum toxin in an outpatient(More)
—Localization of brain activity involves solving the EEG inverse problem, which is an undetermined ill-posed problem. We propose a novel approach consisting in estimating, using structured sparsity regularization techniques, the Brain Electrical Sources (BES) matrix directly in the source space. We use proximal optimization methods, which are efficient(More)
PURPOSE Akathisia remains a common side effect especially from antipsychotic medication. If the condition is diagnosed the management options are limited. SUBJECTS/METHODOLOGY: We tested a structured relaxation program on nine patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia suffering from akathisia. All patients were rated on Barnes Akathisia Scale (BAS) before(More)
Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder, and between one fourth and one third of the patients do not obtain seizure freedom after treatment with antiepileptic drugs. If the epileptic seizures in such patients have severe consequences, the patients should be assessed for epilepsy surgery. In case epilepsy surgery is not feasible, vagus nerve stimulation(More)
The use of general scales such as the Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (HoNOS) and the Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale (CPRS) are widespread. Both scales contain non-validated items on suicidality. This study aimed to establish whether an association between these suicidality items and the validated scale, InterSePT exists. Forty patients(More)