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Measuring the integration of world capital markets is a challenging task. For example, regulatory changes which appear comprehensive may have little impact on the functioning of the capital market if they fail to lead to foreign portfolio in°ows. In contrast to the usual practice of documenting the timing of regulatory changes, we specify a reduced-form(More)
In this paper we empirically compare different term structure models when it comes to the pricing and hedging of caps and swaptions. We analyze the influence of the number of factors on the pricing and hedging results, and investigate which type of data !interest rate data or derivative price data! should be used to estimate the model parameters to obtain(More)
BACKGROUND Recent evidence suggests that there is a link between metabolic diseases and bacterial populations in the gut. The aim of this study was to assess the differences between the composition of the intestinal microbiota in humans with type 2 diabetes and non-diabetic persons as control. METHODS AND FINDINGS The study included 36 male adults with a(More)
Comparative whole-genome analyses have demonstrated that horizontal gene transfer (HGT) provides a significant contribution to prokaryotic genome innovation. The evolution of specific prokaryotes is therefore tightly linked to the environment in which they live and the communal pool of genes available within that environment. Here we use the term(More)
* Zvi Eckstein and Alan Sorenson provided thoughtful suggestions regarding earlier drafts. We have also benefited from discussions with Abstract Two salient features of the competitive structure of the U.S. mutual fund industry are the large number of funds and the sizeable dispersion in the fees funds charge investors, even within narrow asset classes.(More)
The large conjugative multidrug resistance (MDR) plasmid pOLA52 was sequenced and annotated. The plasmid encodes two phenotypes normally associated with the chromosomes of opportunistic pathogens, namely MDR via a resistance-nodulation-division (RND)-type efflux-pump (oqxAB), and the formation of type 3 fimbriae (mrkABCDF). The plasmid was found to be(More)
Cyanobacteria are thought to be the main N(2)-fixing organisms (diazotrophs) in marine pelagic waters, but recent molecular analyses indicate that non-cyanobacterial diazotrophs are also present and active. Existing data are, however, restricted geographically and by limited sequencing depths. Our analysis of 79,090 nitrogenase (nifH) PCR amplicons encoding(More)
The stability of mutualistic interactions is likely to be affected by the genetic diversity of symbionts that compete for the same functional niche. Fungus-growing (attine) ants have multiple complex symbioses and thus provide ample opportunities to address questions of symbiont specificity and diversity. Among the partners are Actinobacteria of the genus(More)
1. Disturbance is assumed to be a major driver of plant community composition, but whether similar processes operate on associated soil microbial communities is less known. Based on the assumed trade-off between disturbance tolerance and competiveness, we hypothesize that a severe disturbance applied within a semi-natural grassland would shift the(More)
IncX plasmids are narrow host range plasmids of Enterobactericeae that have been isolated for over 50years. They are known to encode type IV fimbriae enabling their own conjugative transfer, and to provide accessory functions to their host bacteria such as resistance towards antimicrobial agents and biofilm formation. Previous plasmid-based replicon typing(More)