Lars-Henning Zetterberg

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OBJECTIVES The transition from analogue to digital radiography may have reduced the motivation to perform proper collimation, as digital techniques have made it possible to mask areas irradiated outside the area of diagnostic interest (ADI). We examined the hypothesis that collimation practices have deteriorated since digitalisation. METHODS After(More)
With application to radar and data transmission, a game situation is studied where one player selects a suitable receiving filter, and the other a function describing the noise power density under restriction of a fixed total amount of power. The payoff function is a signal to noise ratio. The information the players have about each others' choice defines(More)
Six fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs) have been re-examined for their activity as inducers of cytoplasmic petite mutants and mitotic gene conversion in diploid yeast Saccharomyces cerebisiae and reversion from auxotrophy to prototrophy in Neurospora crassa, Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium. The results provide no indication that the FWAs(More)
The tracking problem in identification of certain classes of time-varying nonlinear systems is addressed. In particular. a Hammerstein type system which consists of a nonlinear part, given on a state space description, followed by a timevarying linear part is considered. A Recursive Prediction Error Method. RPEM combined with a method for on-line adjustment(More)
Absfracf-A new class of codes is defined and analyzed when applied to a communication system that sends data over a bandlimited Gaussian channel. A code word is defined as a sequence of r-phase values and transmitted either modulated on a carrier or transformed into n = 2r samples on a baseband channel. An algebraic procedure is used to generate the phase(More)