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In a 63 year-old female patient with oesophageal carcinoma a tracheal perforation by an oesophageal stent was diagnosed. A first attempt of tracheal stenting was not successful due to spontaneous dislocation of the stent. Therefore, a shorter stent was chosen and correctly placed in a second session. This case report on an oesophagotracheal fistula provides(More)
The evaluation of the role of novel biomarkers in the management of cardiac and pulmonary conditions has received particular attention in recent years. A further particular perspective is the use of biomarker panels in the evaluation of patients presenting with acute dyspnea. We prospectively evaluated three biomarkers (MR-proANP, PCT, and MR-proADM) in(More)
Incidentally, a lesion in the right upper pulmonary lobe was found in a 74-year-old male patient. The flexible bronchoscopy revealed an endobrochial lipoma in the right lower lobe as the only pathological finding. Due to multiple co-morbidities, no intervention was performed initially. Since the endobronchial lipoma increased in size during follow-up, it(More)
Endobronchial ultrasound guided transbronchial needle aspiration (EBUS-TBNA) has become essential for the workup of patients with lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases. The emphasis of currently available literature is related to the diagnostic yield of EBUS-TBNA which was found to be high. Complications seem to be rare but such data are scant. We report(More)
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