Lars Hagerman

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Shallow marine areas and brackish water are often characterized by extensive short- or long-term fluctuations in physical parameters: temperature, salinity, oxygen. Sulphide can accumulate as a consequence of oxygen deficiency. Diel fluctuations in oxygen can in non-exposed shallow waters vary from 0 to 300% saturation, at the same time temperature can(More)
1. The O2 and CO2 combining properties ofPalaemon adspersus hemolymph is studied, aiming to assess respiratory function and the environmental and metabolic adaptations of hemocyanin of natant decapods where, in contrast to the intensively-studied, larger and predominantly less active reptant decapods, virtually no information is available. 2. The hemolymph(More)
The peer-review system is overloaded. This causes problems for reviewers and editors. The focus of this Theme Section (TS) is misuse of the peer-review system by repeated resubmission of unchanged manuscripts (mss). A number of editors and experienced reviewers were invited for comments. Most contributors have seen examples of authors resubmitting mss to(More)
An automatic active source and load pull system has been designed. The behaviour of devices under large signal conditions is given by a data file. Associated optimization software gives the optimum operating conditions.
The sulphide-tolerant brackish water isopod Saduria entomon has haemocyanin with a high affinity for oxygen. Sulphide is oxidized in the hepatopancreas to thiosulphate. Oxygen needed for this oxidation is transported bound to haemocyanin. Thiosulphate was found to improve haemocyanin oxygen affinity in S. entomon. The modulating effect was time and(More)
Dialysed haemocyanin from the isopod Saduria entomon had a considerably increased oxygen affinity (lower P 50) and Bohr factor (–1.71) compared to native haemocyanin (Bohr factor –1.36) indicating that dialysis removes a small molecule size modulating factor decreasing the affinity of native haemolymph. Dialysed haemocyanin had a slightly lower(More)
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