Lars-Goran Ofverstedt

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In structural studies of proteins, the first task is to identify the different parts of the protein. We present a robust method using a fuzzy framework for delineating a protein and to identify its parts. The method is used in a study of the immunoglobulin G antibody, individually imaged using cryo electron tomography, with satisfactory results.
Two-Dimensional (2D) Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) is a basic and computationally intensive algorithm, with a vast variety of applications. 2D images are, in general, nonperiodic, but are assumed to be periodic while calculating their DFTs. This leads to cross-shaped artifacts in the frequency domain due to spectral leakage. These artifacts can have(More)
In electron microscope tomography, the alignment of tilt series images is a major determining factor of resolution in the 3D reconstruction. One method of tilt alignment uses gold beads deposited on or in the specimen as the fiducial markers. This paper describes an "auto pick" software system which can pick markers automatically. It uses a cross(More)
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