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Of the simple diatomic molecules, oxygen is the only one to carry a magnetic moment. This makes solid oxygen particularly interesting: it is considered a 'spin-controlled' crystal that displays unusual magnetic order. At very high pressures, solid oxygen changes from an insulating to a metallic state; at very low temperatures, it even transforms to a(More)
Sodium exhibits a pronounced minimum of the melting temperature at approximately 118 gigapascals and 300 kelvin. Using single-crystal high-pressure diffraction techniques, we found that the minimum of the sodium melting curve is associated with a concentration of seven different crystalline phases. Slight changes in pressure and/or temperature induce(More)
Accurate structural models of reaction centres in zeolite catalysts are a prerequisite for mechanistic studies and further improvements to the catalytic performance. The Rietveld/maximum entropy method is applied to synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction data on fully dehydrated CHA-type zeolites with and without loading of catalytically active Cu(2+) for the(More)
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