Lars-Erik Wernersson

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Time-domain material characterization using a leaky lens antenna and an in-house fabricated millimeter-wave wavelet generator using III-V technology is investigated. The wavelet generator produces short high-frequency pulses and is connected to a wideband and nondispersive leaky lens antenna. A purely time-domain methodology is used to extract the complex(More)
A complete reliability study of the high-frequency characteristics for nMOSFETs on InGaAs channel with Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>/HfO<sub>2</sub> gate dielectric is presented. DC gate voltage stress causes an increase in the transconductance frequency dispersion. Stress induced border traps degrade the maximum DC-transconductance, but do not react at high(More)
The paper reports on the bias stabilization of a 60-GHz resonant-tunneling diode (RTD)-based oscillator operated in pulsed mode. The oscillator contains an on-chip stabilizing capacitor, enabling the minimum dc consumption possible for such an RTD oscillator to be obtained, since all of the dc current is consumed by the active device. This is achieved(More)
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