Lars Engelholm

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The ability of real-time sonography to demonstrate the liver venous network is well documented. Sonographic features of 21 cases of unsuspected portal vein thrombosis, detected by a screening sonography of the upper abdomen and subsequently confirmed by computed tomography, angiography, or surgery, are discussed. Sonographic features of portal vein(More)
Endoscopic cystoenterostomy was performed in 33 patients with chronic pancreatitis. Endoscopic cystoduodenostomy (ECD) was done in 22 cases of symptomatic paraduodenal cysts and endoscopic cystogastrostomy (ECG) in 11 cases of retrogastric pseudocysts. The success rates were 96% for ECD and 100% for ECG. The relapse rate was 9% after ECD and 19% after ECG.(More)
BACKGROUND The transcription factor Forkhead Box P3 (FoxP3) is a marker of regulatory T cells (Tregs) - a subset of T cells known to suppress a wide range of immune responses. These cells are considered to be pivotal for the induction of tolerance to donor antigens in human allografts. We aimed to correlate the number of lymphocytes expressing FoxP3 in(More)
The relationship between pancreas divisum and pancreatic disease has been studied in a series of 304 patients. This congenital anatomic variant, consisting of a separate pancreatic ductal system, was diagnosed by endoscopic pancreatography and dorsal duct opacification was achieved in 97 of these patients. This anatomic variation was observed with the same(More)
The interest of morphologic investigations in the diagnosis, the prognosis and the treatment of acute pancreatitis was analyzed in a series of 120 patients. The systematic endoscopy of the biliary tract yields a distinction between the biliary and the non-biliary sources of pancreatitis and can be followed immediately by an endoscopic sphincterotomy. Th(More)
A 76-year-old female was admitted to the hospital with oral bleeding. Laboratory findings were suggestive of disseminated intravascular coagulation. An endoscopic cholangiography was performed in order to rule out a biliopancreatic tumor. A symmetrical stenosis of the lower part of common bile duct was observed. This extrinsic compression was due to a(More)