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Ellen C. Zwarthoff2
Irene Lurkin1
2Ellen C. Zwarthoff
1Irene Lurkin
1Hrvoje Kovacic
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BACKGROUND Affymetrix SNP arrays can interrogate thousands of SNPs at the same time. This allows us to look at the genomic content of cancer cells and to investigate the underlying events leading to cancer. Genomic copy-numbers are today routinely derived from SNP array data, but the proposed algorithms for this task most often disregard the genotype(More)
  • Willemien Beukers, Raju Kandimalla, Diandra van Houwelingen, Hrvoje Kovacic, Jie-Fen D. Chin, Hester F. Lingsma +2 others
  • 2013
INTRODUCTION Patients presenting with painless hematuria form a large part of the urological patient population. In many cases, especially in younger patients, the cause of hematuria is harmless. Nonetheless, hematuria could be a symptom of malignant disease and hence most patients will be subject to cystoscopy. In this study, we aimed to develop a(More)
  • Angela A. G. van Tilborg, Lucie C. Kompier, Irene Lurkin, Ricardo Poort, Samira El Bouazzaoui, Kirstin van der Keur +5 others
  • 2012
Microsatellite markers are used for loss-of-heterozygosity, allelic imbalance and clonality analyses in cancers. Usually, tumor DNA is compared to corresponding normal DNA. However, normal DNA is not always available and can display aberrant allele ratios due to copy number variations in the genome. Moreover, stutter peaks may complicate the analysis. To(More)
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