Lars Dittmann

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In the past few years, Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPONs) have rapidly gained large popularity in broadband access networks. However the current standard has no management protocols aiming at reducing power consumption. In this paper, we propose an Energy Management Mechanism (EMM) within the IEEE 802.3ah control scheme. The main idea is to switch(More)
In this paper promising technologies and a network architecture are presented for future Optical Packet Switched networks. The overall network concept is presented and the major choices are highlighted and compared with alternative solutions. Both long and shorter term approaches are considered as well as both the WAN and MAN parts of the network. The(More)
This paper evaluates the efficiency of set of modifications to the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) which aim at providing flexible Traffic Engineering (TE) across multiple GMPLS domains. A short overview and analysis of existing proposals for BGP-TE extensions is presented. Based on that, three modifications are proposed for support of multi-domain TE: an(More)
The paper aims to introduce an approach that integrates a technique of knowledge engineering (Ontologies) and a technique of quality engineering (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis). An approach will be set up that shows the potentials of combining IT-based systems of knowledge and quality engineering. Particularly with regard to the quality engineering(More)
This paper characterizes four measurement algorithms for flow enforcement in ATM networks. The algorithms are the leaky bucket, the rectangular sliding window, the triangular sliding window, and the exponentially weighted moving average. A comparison, based partly on teletrafflc theory and partly on signal processing theory, is carried out. It is suggested(More)
The number of electronic devices found in home environments is increasing, leading to an increase in the energy consumption in users' premises. Introducing a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) into user residences might provide the necessary tools to reduce and optimize the energy consumption in home environments. However, this is not an easy task as(More)