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1 b Abstract— In this paper promising technologies and a network architecture are presented for future Optical Packet Switched networks. The overall network concept is presented and the major choices are highlighted and compared with alternative solutions. Both long and shorter term approaches are considered as well as both the WAN and MAN parts of the(More)
Energy consumption has increased considerably in the last years. How to reduce and make energy consumption more efficient in home environments has become of great interest for researchers. This could be achieved by introducing a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) into user residences. This system might allow the user to control the devices in the home(More)
— Future mobile communication systems such as IEEE 802.16 are expected to deliver a variety of multimedia services with diverse QoS requirements. To guarantee the QoS provision, appropriate scheduler architecture and scheduling algorithms have to be carefully designed. In this paper, we propose an adaptive bandwidth distribution algorithm for the aggregate(More)
In this paper, two approaches for Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in GPON networks are proposed, and validated through simulations in the OPNET modeler. One approach address a Status Reporting scheme, where the bandwidth allocation originates from the client request. The second use a centralized Non Status Reporting scheme. Furthermore, parameters to cope with(More)
Extracts of glioblastomas and meningiomas were analysed by quantitative immunoelectrophoresis for the presence of foetal brain antigens and tumour-associated antigens, and levels of 2 normal brain-specific proteins were also determined. The following antibodies were used: monospecific anti-S-100 (glia specific); monospecific anti-GFA (glial fibrillary(More)