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A Report on Librarian-Faculty Relations from a Sociological Perspective
In this report, we review social science and library studies literatures on librarian-faculty relations, and present a preliminary sociological analysis of these relations. We find an asymmetricalExpand
Technologies for Adaptation - Perspectives and Practical Experiences
This paper provides an analysis of the process of the TNAs for adaptation under the ‘top-up round’, with a focus on the challenges and lessons learned in those countries that have developed TNAs forExpand
Accessing international funding for climate change adaptation : a guidebook for developing countries
Contiene: 1. Purpose and outline of the guidebook -- 2. Overview of financing for adaptation -- 3. Bilateral and multilateral financing sources for adaptation technology projects -- 4. PrivateExpand
Adaptation Metrics: Perspectives on measuring, aggregating and comparing adaptation results
Adaptation metrics under the UNFCCC have evolved considerably over the last twenty years, starting with measuring the degree of vulnerability of countries to monitoring and evaluating adaptation atExpand
Seattle and the Roots of Urban Sustainability: Inventing Ecotopia
Gender inequality remains both a pressing social issue and a fruitful area of social science research. This edited volume seeks to examine gender inequality and the production of well-being in EuropeExpand
A Necessary Partnership: Study Abroad and Sustainability in Higher Education.
Introduction The last two decades have seen institutions of higher education put increasing emphasis on both internationalizing their institutions and making them more sustainable (i.e., Society forExpand
The Timing and Aesthetics of Public Engagement
Through an analysis of a street transformation initiative in Saint Paul, Minnesota, this article argues that public engagement can be effective when it occurs early in a planning process and takesExpand
Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change for the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) and The Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF)
Least DeveLopeD Countries funD (LDCf) anD the speCiaL CLimate Change funD (sCCf) A local famer harvests dorghum produced from seeds donated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) through theExpand