Lars Christian Horn

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The effect that vasopressin has upon memory in young and old males was tested in a double-blind crossover study. There were two 1-week medication periods; during one, subjects received 60 micrograms of vasopressin daily; during the other, placebo. Reaction time tasks were used to measure their speed of retrieval from: short-term memory (STM), long-term(More)
Trastuzumab (Herceptin) has improved therapy of breast cancer. Only patients overexpressing ERBB2 are treated with trastuzumab, whereas its use in tumours without ERBB2 expression is useless. This led to the concept that the subgroup of trastuzumab-sensitive tumours is 'ERBB2-dependent', meaning that ERBB2 signalling is indispensable for growth of these(More)
PRL is a major growth and differentiating hormone in the human breast, with activation of the PRL-PRL receptor complex increasingly recognized as an important mechanism in the induction and progression of mammary tumors. Although constitutive activation of various hormone and growth factor receptors is newly recognized as a common cause of tumor(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Intravesical instillation of glycosaminoglycans is a promising option for the treatment of chronic cystitis, as it supports the regeneration of the damaged urothelial layer. We investigated the efficacy of short-term intravesical chondroitin sulphate treatment (six courses of instillation) in patients with chronic radiotherapy- or(More)
The clinical course of a female patient affected by a progeroid syndrome with Restrictive Dermopathy (RD)-like features was followed up. Besides missing hairiness, stagnating weight and growth, RD-like features including progressive skin swelling and solidification, acrocontractures, osteolysis and muscular hypotension were observed until the patient died(More)
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