Lars Christian Henriksen

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In this work the problem of individual pitch control of a variable-speed variable-pitch wind turbine in the full load region is considered. Model predictive control (MPC) is used to solve the problem. However as the plant is nonlinear and time varying, a new approach is proposed to simplify the optimization problem. Nonlinear dynamics of the wind turbine is(More)
In this paper the control of a horizontal axis pitch controlled wind turbine using Model Predictive Control is presented. The multi-blade coordinate transformation is utilized to turn the rotating frame time-varying system description into a time-invariant fixed frame system description. Constraints in the rotating frame of reference are not easily(More)
Fault diagnosis of a wind turbine rotor is considered. The faults considered are sensor faults and blades mounted with a pitch offset. A fault at a single blade will result in asymmetries in the rotor, which can be applied for fault diagnosis. The diagnosis is derived by using the multiblade coordinate (MBC) transformation also known as the Coleman(More)
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