Lars C Hydén

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Nonverbal vocalizations in dementia are important clinically since they generally have been regarded as disruptive behavior that is disturbing. The aim of the present study is to describe the interactional pattern, including the prosodic package, of nonverbal vocalizations in a participant in a late stage of dementia. The acoustic analysis shows that the(More)
The aim of this study was to ascertain whether suicide victims had ever been in contact with a primary health-care centre, a psychiatric out-patient treatment centre or any form of institutional psychiatric care, and whether there had been any change in such patterns over time. The results show an increase in the number of suicide victims seeking help from(More)
Boundaries connected to illness are defined and redefined through new ways of interacting with other people and especially by storytelling and listening to the stories of others. Diseases or traumas that affect the brain can result in memory loss, impaired cognition, and difficulties in expressing oneself clearly, hence making it difficult to present and(More)
In this article we show that persons with communicative disabilities are often involved in storytelling that does not necessarily conform to the conventional expectations of what constitutes a narrative. By analyzing the relationship between story and storytelling event, and the relation between what could be called the primary storyteller and the vicarious(More)
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