Lars Brinkmann

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Staphylococcus aureus is a human pathogen that can cause a wide range of diseases. Although formerly regarded as extracellular pathogen, it has been shown that S. aureus can also be internalized by host cells and persist within these cells. In the present study, we comparatively analyzed survival and physiological adaptation of S. aureus HG001 after(More)
OBJECTIVES Today's increasing specialization of medicine necessitates the integration of telematic platforms for cross-institutional cooperation. In order to leverage the strengths of each cooperating institution a centralized unified storage using shared electronic patient records (EPRs) as well as secured remote data entry capabilities for supporting(More)
The Clearinghouse application platform is a web based solution for secure digital exchange of radiological images and other clinical documents among authorized researchers and physicians. It implements a sophisticated security and role model to protect privacy and to minimize the risk of eavesdropping of patient data. The Clearinghouse serves as a(More)
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