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Massless fields of generic Young symmetry type in AdSd space are analyzed. It is demonstrated that in contrast to massless fields in Minkowski space whose physical degrees of freedom transform in irreps of o(d−2) algebra, AdS massless mixed symmetry fields reduce to a number of irreps of o(d− 2) algebra. From the field theory perspective this means that not(More)
BACKGROUND There are few congenital anomalies of the heart that have benefited more from thorough anatomic analysis than the complex anomaly known as atrioventricular septal defect in the setting of common atrioventricular junction. Recent advances in understanding the anatomy of this lesion have led to alternative methods of repairing these defects. (More)
We use the Cremmer-Julia E7(7) non-linear symmetry of N = 8 Supergravity to derive its order κ on-shell Hamiltonian in terms of one chiral light-cone superfield. By requiring that E7(7) commute with the super-Poincaré group, we deduce to lowest non-trivial order in κ, the light cone E7(7) transformations of all fields of the theory, including the graviton.(More)
In this paper we introduce a unified approach to Toda field theories which allows us to formulate the classes of An, Bn and Cn models as unique models involving an arbitrary continuous parameter ν. For certain values of ν, the model describes the standard Toda theories. For other values of ν it defines a class of models that involve infinitely many fields.(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine present and future use of pediatric physician extenders in neonatal and pediatric intensive care units (ICUs). DESIGN Descriptive, prospective, questionnaire survey. PARTICIPANTS One hundred thirty hospitals represented by members of the Pediatric Section of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and 18 randomly selected hospitals(More)
The incidence of post-extubation stridor (PES) in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and the need for reintubation is not known. Predictors of success on a subsequent extubation attempt and the efficacy of dexamethasone treatment prior to a subsequent extubation attempt are not established. In a prospective randomized double blind-controlled study in(More)
We construct Wigner’s continuous spin representations of the Poincaré algebra for massless particles in higher dimensions. The states are labeled both by the length of a space-like translation vector and the Dynkin indices of the short little group SO(d − 3), where d is the space-time dimension. Continuous spin representations are in one-to-one(More)
In a preceding report Pierre Ramond outlined a programme we have followed recently. An important ingredient in a future unique theory for basic physics must be a unique mathematical structure. It is then interesting to investigate the underlying mathematical structure of 11-dimensional space-time. A search for exceptional group structures specific to eleven(More)