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OBJECTIVE To investigate efficacy and safety of lamotrigine (LTG) versus carbamazepine (CBZ) or valproic acid (VPA) in newly diagnosed focal (FE) and idiopathic generalised (GE) epilepsies in adolescents and adults. METHODS Open-label randomised comparative multicentre 24-week monotherapy trial in newly diagnosed epilepsy patients of >or=12 years of age.(More)
Probable and possible MS cases with a debut during the years 1950-1964 within the city of Gothenburg were identified (312 cases). This corresponds to an incidence of 5.3 per 100,000. The material was stratified according to diagnostic probability into three categories. For the final analysis cases with the lowest diagnostic probability were omitted (about(More)
CD4(+) T (helper) cells migrate in huge numbers through lymphoid organs. However, little is known about traffic routes and kinetics of CD4(+) T-cell subsets within different organ compartments. Such information is important because there are indications that CD4(+) T cells may influence the function of microenvironments depending on their developmental(More)
The C-allele of the aquaporin (AQP5) -1364A/C polymorphism is associated with decreased AQP5 expression but increased 30-day survival in patients with severe sepsis. AQP5 expression might affect survival via an impact on cell migration. Consequently, we tested the hypothesis that (1) Aqp5 knockout (KO) compared to wild type (WT) mice show an increased(More)
BACKGROUND Interscalene brachial plexus (ISB) block is often associated with phrenic nerve block and diaphragmatic paresis. The goal of our study was to test if the anterior or the posterior ultrasound guided approach of the ISB is associated with a lower incidence of phrenic nerve blocks and impaired lung function. METHODS This was a prospective,(More)
The importance of cerebral embolization as the main cause of periprocedural stroke during transcatheter aortic valve implanta-tion has recently been demonstrated. Erdoes and colleagues 1 have reported high-intensity transient signals as surrogates for micro-emboli during all phases of the procedure, predominantly during valve implantation, with no(More)
Ropinirole is a non-ergoline dopamine agonist with medium elimination half time, which has been licensed for the therapy of idiopathic Parkinson syndrome in mono- and add-on therapy for more than 10 years. Since 2008 a prolonged-release formulation has been available in Germany, which can be taken once daily. This formulation results in less plasma level(More)
17 patients out of a total of 93 treated for primarily pure absence-epilepsy experienced secondary grand mal-seizures and eeg of 8 patients showed a grand mal-disposition (irregular s-w). These 25 patients, compared with the remaining 68 patients, attended more frequently a special school for mentally retarded children, their marks were worse, they left(More)
Different developments (good n = 8, poor n = 15 and very poor n = 27) in 50 former patients with infantile myoclonic seizures are compared with findings from the acute phase of the disease after 11.1 +/- 4.1 years. It has been confirmed that it is sensible with regard to intellectual development to distinguish idiopathic (very seldom) and symptomatic cases(More)
Clinical electro-encephalography and especially the simultaneous recording of EEG values and other physiological parameters can greatly contribute to investigations into the neurophysiological aspects of sleep disturbances in patients suffering from attacks. In the case of absences peak potentials have been found in all phases of sleep, with a reduction in(More)