Lars Baumgärtner

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Many Android apps have a legitimate need to communicate over the Internet and are then responsible for protecting potentially sensitive data during transit. This paper seeks to better understand the potential security threats posed by benign Android apps that use the SSL/TLS protocols to protect data they transmit. Since the lack of visual security(More)
The number of security incidents in computer systems is steadily increasing, despite intrusion detection and prevention mechanisms deployed as countermeasures. Many existing intrusion detection and prevention systems struggle to keep up with new threats posed by zero-day attacks and/or have serious performance impacts through extensive monitoring,(More)
The commercial success of Cloud Computing and recent developments in Grid Computing have brought platform virtualization technology into the field of high performance computing. Virtualization offers both more flexibility and security through custom user images and user isolation. In this paper, we present an approach for combined malware detection and(More)
— To protect computer systems and their users against security attacks, all potential security related incidents should be detected by monitoring system behavior. In this paper, a novel approach to detect, analyze and handle security anomalies in virtualized computing systems is presented. Adequate sensors on different virtualization layers monitor relevant(More)
CavBase is a database containing information about the three-dimensional geometry and the physicochemical properties of putative protein binding sites. Analyzing CavBase data typically involves computing the similarity of pairs of binding sites. In contrast to sequence alignment, however, a structural comparison of protein binding sites is a computationally(More)
—In recent years, the number of mobile applications has grown significantly. Not surprisingly, various security and privacy concerns associated with mobile applications have emerged. Several researchers are addressing these problems by analyzing the security properties of mobile application code. Most of the security checks rely on custom scripts and are(More)
Ensuring the software quality of mobile applications with respect to performance, robustness, energy consumption, security and privacy is an important problem for a growing researcher and developer community. In this paper, we present Dynalize, a Platform-as-a-Service cloud for the dynamic analysis of mobile applications. It allows researchers and(More)
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