Lars Anneken

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BACKGROUND Modulation of cardiac repolarization by sexual hormones is controversial and hormonal effects on ion channels remain largely unknown. In the present translational study, we therefore assessed the relationship between QTc duration and gonadal hormones and studied underlying mechanisms. METHODS AND RESULTS We measured hormone levels and QTc(More)
The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a key diagnostic tool in heart disease and may serve to detect ischemia, arrhythmias, and other conditions. Automatic, low cost monitoring of the ECG signal could be used to provide instantaneous analysis in case of symptoms and may trigger the presentation to the emergency department. Currently, since mobile devices(More)
BACKGROUND C-terminal KCNH2 mutations are commonly associated with a more benign clinical presentation, but mutations localized in close proximity may exhibit different clinical and biophysical phenotypes. The value of detailed cellular characterization of such mutant channels in vitro has not been studied with respect to clinical risk stratification of(More)
Early detection of arrhythmic beats in the electrocardiogram (ECG) signal could improve the identification of patients at risk from sudden death, for example due to coronary heart disease. We present a mobile, hierarchical classification system (three stages in total) using complete databases with the aim to provide instantaneous analysis in case of(More)
Far too many people are dying from stroke or other heart related diseases each year. Early detection of abnormal heart rhythm could trigger the timely presentation to the emergency department or outpatient unit. Smartphones are an integral part of everyone;s life and they form the ideal basis for mobile monitoring and real-time analysis of signals related(More)
Arrhythmia detection algorithms require the exact and instantaneous detection of fiducial points in the ECG signal. These fiducial points (QRS-complex, P- and T-wave) correspond to distinct cardiac contraction phases. The performance evaluation of different fiducial points detection algorithms require the existence of large databases (DBs) encompassing(More)
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