Larry Yang

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We tackle the problem of learning robotic sensorimotor control policies that can generalize to visually diverse and unseen environments. Achieving broad generalization typically requires large datasets, which are difficult to obtain for task-specific interactive processes such as reinforcement learning or learning from demonstration. However, much of the(More)
Using custom circuitry, a higher level of performance has been achieved for a new implementation of the Scalable Processor Architecture (SPARC). A CY601 processor (integer unit), running at a clock rate of 25-33 MHz, implements the complete set of SPARC instructions in a 0.8- mu m CMOS technology. An overview is given of the processor chip and its interface(More)
The Proteus architecture is a highly parallel, multiple instruction, multiple data machine (MIMD) optimized for large granularity tasks such as machine vision and image processing. The system can achieve 20 gigaflops (80 gigaflops peak). It accepts data via multiple serial links at a rate of up to 640 MB/S. The system employs a hierarchical reconfigurable(More)
A recent Sparc (scalable processor architecture) processor consists of a two-chip configuration, containing the TMS390C601 integer unit (IU) and the TMS390C602A floating-point unit (FPU). The second device, an innovative coprocessor that lets the processor execute single- or double-precision floating-point instructions concurrently with IU operations is(More)
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