Larry Y. Tzeng

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Almost stochastic dominance allows small violations of stochastic dominance rules to avoid situations where most decision makers prefer one alternative to another but stochastic dominance cannot rank them. However, the commonly used integral condition for almost seconddegree stochastic dominance does not map into the corresponding classes of increasing(More)
This study investigates whether U.S. property-liability insurers change their demand for reinsurance after demutualization. We find that converting insurers decrease the demand for reinsurance from non-affiliated reinsurers, but increase the demand for reinsurance from affiliated reinsurers after the conversion. One possible explanation is that converting(More)
The authors explore the relation between ownership form and distribution system and test the determinants of each element of organizational structure. Controlling for ownership form as an exogenous variable, the authors find that independent agency insurers are likely to be associated with stock ownership, are characterized by higher liabilities relative to(More)
This article proposes that vehicle maintenance records can provide useful information for predicting the probability that an owner will have an automobile accident. To test the hypothesis, we use a unique data set that is merged from an insurance company and a vehicle manufacturer in Taiwan. We find weak evidence to support our hypothesis. Among all the(More)
We examine insurance markets in which there are two types of customers: those who regret suboptimal decisions and those who don't. In this setting, we characterize the equilibria under hidden information about the type of customers and hidden action. We show that both pooling and separating equilibria can exist. Furthermore, there exist separating(More)
This paper provides a rationale for a government to provide a tax deduction for net losses when the insurance market faces adverse selection problems and the direct compulsory insurance is unlikely. We adapt the setting of Rothschild and Stilts (1976) and show that when the equilibrium of the private insurance market is either a separating equilibrium or no(More)