Larry Y. C. Cheung

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In recent years, many organisations have found enterprise modelling, especially business process modelling, to be an effective tool for managing organisational change. The application of business processing modelling has brought benefits to many organisations, but the models developed tend to be used for reference during business operations and(More)
Conventional and ion-selective microelectrodes were used to characterize transport of Cl- across the basolateral cell membranes of gastric surface epithelium in isolated preparations of gastric antrum of Necturus. Conventional, voltage-sensing electrodes were used to evaluate changes in membrane potentials and resistances during removal of Cl- from the(More)
Intracellular microelectrode techniques were used to characterize basolateral membrane K+ conductances in isolated Necturus antral mucosa. Exposure of tissues to progressively higher levels of serosal K+ (4, 20, 40, or 60 mM) resulted in progressively greater depolarizations of basolateral membrane potentials and decreases in membrane resistance, consistent(More)
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