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— Interactive visual applications create animations that encode changes in the data. For example, cross-filtering dynamically updates linked visualizations based on the user's continuous brushing actions. The animated effects resulting from these interactions depends both on how interaction (e.g., brushing speed) controls properties of the animation such as(More)
In the context of interactive query sessions, it is common to issue a succession of queries, transforming a dataset to the desired result. It is often difficult to comprehend a succession of transformations, especially for complex queries. Thus, to facilitate understanding of each data transformation and to provide continuous feedback, we introduce the(More)
In the context of data exploration, users often interact with relational database systems in an interactive query session to form useful insights. Each query a user executes can potentially transform a resultset in complex ways. We explore some of the challenges in understanding these transformations, and how these challenges can be solved through more(More)
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