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This study analyzes short-run AFDC recidivism among mother-only families. Findings suggest that a sizable minority of former AFDC recipients return to AFDC rapidly. Those most likely to return to AFDC are those switching jobs, those moving to public housing, those adding children, and those not getting regular child support payments. The results also(More)
AIMS To determine the role of sialylation on α5β1 and α2β1 integrins in the regulation of adhesion between breast cancer cells and extracellular matrix (ECM). MAIN METHODS Static cell adhesion assays were performed to quantify avidity of breast cancer cells to ECM. The effects of sialidases on α2,6 sialylation was assessed by flow cytometry using biotin(More)
—A statistical analysis technique for estimating bit-error rate (BER) and eye opening is presented for both NRZ and duobinary signaling schemes. This method enables fast and accurate BER distribution simulation of a serial link transceiver including channel and circuit imperfections, such as finite pulse rise/fall time, duty cycle variation, and both(More)
The pitch detection of music sound is one of the important technologies in audio signal processing. It can be used for interactive computer-music performance. In this paper, we consider some characteristics of guitar and proposed a specific and accurate pitch recognition method. Musical notations (MIDI files) are produced from the acoustic wave files. At(More)
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