Larry Williams

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This paper examines the impact of climate change on rich and poor countries across the world. We measure two indices of the relative impact of climate across countries, impact per capita, and impact per GDP. These measures sum market impacts across the climate-sensitive economic sectors of each country. Both indices reveal that climate change will have(More)
The dysfunction and death of neuronal cells is thought to underlie the cognitive manifestations of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-associated neurological disorders. Although HIV-infected patients are living longer owing to the effectiveness of anti-retroviral therapies, the number of patients developing neurological disorders is on the rise. Thus, there(More)
To determine if micronutrient intake is associated with asthma severity, we administered the Block food frequency questionnaire to participants in a randomized clinical trial of the safety of influenza vaccine for asthmatics. The nutrition substudy included 1033 participants, aged 12-75. Intake of antioxidant vitamins, soy isoflavones, total fruits and(More)
The current investigation replicated and extended the assessment and treatment methodology of elopement. The environmental variables that maintained elopement were identified in each case, and successful treatments were implemented for the 3 participants in settings that were similar to those in which elopement occurred.
We report 3 children who developed persistent antibody depletion and abnormal response to bacteriophage after rituximab treatment for autoimmune cytopenias. Whether these patients have developed immunodeficiency secondary to an underlying disease process, to rituximab, or both, is not understood. Rituximab is an efficacious drug for a number of pediatric(More)
National Institutes of Health (NIH) K award recipients and their mentors were surveyed to investigate the role of the mentor. We found that a majority of mentors provided guidance in responsible research conduct (RCR), and that most of these relationships were deemed helpful. Mentors also responded that they played a greater importance in RCR training of(More)
Associations between domestic violence exposure and violent and prosocial behavior were tested in a sample of Colombian adolescents, with attention to impulsivity and substance use problems as mediators of these associations. A representative sample of 1,152 school youths and a convenience group of 148 juvenile offenders aged 11-19 years participated.(More)
Acknowledgements: We thank Larry Williams and Kyle Lewis for their comments during the research We also thank the anonymous respondents from TechCo, and their leadership. Abstract We present the development and validity field testing of two new measures: Absorptive Capacity and Experienced Community of Practice. We propose the Knowledge Transfer Ecosystem(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was a comparison of growth and tolerance in premature infants fed either standard powdered human milk fortifier (HMF) or a newly formulated concentrated liquid that contained extensively hydrolyzed protein. METHODS This was an unblinded randomized controlled multicenter noninferiority study on preterm infants receiving human milk(More)
A session entitled "Emerging Contaminants" was held in April 2009 in Cincinnati, OH at the 2009 Toxicology and Risk Assessment Conference. The purpose of the session was to share information on both programmatic and technical aspects associated with emerging contaminants. Emerging contaminants are chemicals or materials that are characterized by a perceived(More)