Larry Wade

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We investigated the use of social skills groups to facilitate increased social interactions for students with autism and their nonhandicapped peers in an integrated first-grade classroom. Social skills groups consisted of training students and peers in initiating, responding, and keeping interactions going; greeting others and conversing on a variety of(More)
Mental workload is useful for evaluating performance of a ship's navigator: a captain, a duty officer, and a pilot. The heart rate variability (R-R interval), the nasal temperature and the salivary amylase predict well based on pre-experiments; however, most of the research tests a professional's skill. The evaluation does not test a cadet's skill yet. In(More)
In three experiments, we compared the effects of instructional arrangements that varied in: teacher versus peer mediators, methods used, levels of student academic responding generated, and content taught and tested. Instructional arrangements (i.e., tasks, structure, teacher position, teacher behavior) and students' levels of academic responding were(More)
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