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Relationship among Willingness to Listen, Receiver Apprehension, Communication Apprehension, Communication Competence, and Dogmatism
Abstract The purpose of this research was to investigate whether people vary in their willingness to listen and whether this variable has any relationship to dogmatism, receiver apprehension,
Placement and frequency of powerless talk and impression formation
Study One examined the influence of initial use of hesitations and hedges on evaluations of witnesses and their persuasiveness in a budget hearing context. Results indicate that the negative
The Effects of an Instructor's Use of Hesitation Forms on Student Ratings of Quality, Recommendations to Hire, and Lecture Listening
This study examined the impact of instructor use of hesitation forms ("uh," "ah," "urn," and "well") in an initial encounter with students on three measures of teaching effectiveness: student ratings
Estimating an individual's location along the trait‐state continuum: A method for improving the precision of measurement of CA using the PRCA‐24
The construct Communication Apprehension (CA) has generated a great deal of attention in the discipline of speech communication. Its use has been widespread for researchers and theoreticians and also
Explaining the Effects of Powerless Language Use on the Evaluative Listening Process: A Theory of Implicit Prototypes
Abstract This study examined the effects of forewarning and discounting messages on the evaluational consequences of powerless language use. The specific forewarning message contained information on
Emotional response as a predictor of compliance‐gaining message selection
The present study builds on Hunter and Boster's model of compliance‐gaining by adding conceptual and operational definitions of emotional response and by providing a theoretical framework for
The use of written transcripts in powerful and powerless language research
This study tested the salience of hesitations and hedges in a simulated student government situation. Subjects reported more hesitations in writing but noted more hedges on tape. Award amounts were