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Relationships between nurses and families form the foundation of effective nursing practice. This article describes a study of medical-surgical nurses' perceptions of the impact of a Family Systems Nursing Continuing Education Project (FSNP). Four major themes emerged from the study: 1) reduction in family crises during acute hospitalizations; 2) increased(More)
  • L. Stout
  • 2005
Summary form only given. This tutorial provides practical information on two techniques that are of use to anyone doing statistical data analysis and making statistical inferences. Reliability engineers often base their decisions on fitting lifetime data to a particular type of distribution (e.g. lognormal, exponential, Weibull). Statistical bootstrapping(More)
FAST DUMP RESTORE (FDR) is a program product developed and marketed by INNOVATION DATA PROCESSING since May, 1972 and which is currently installed in 2,600 sites in the USA and CANADA and in over 1000 sites overseas. Based on FDR's acceptance by the D. P. community it would be accurate to say that FDR is the standard dump/restore utility most OS, VS and MVS(More)
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