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ACOEM supports ongoing efforts to enhance emergency response to medical emergencies in the occupational environment. The development of training and use of AEDs is a reasonable and appropriate aspect of such programs for managing sudden cardiac arrest, an important cause of morbidity and mortality among working age adults. The implementation of such an AED(More)
Consulting Group, a leading consulting company in the field of organization development and leadership. The review team read the self-study prepared by the MSOD program Director, Dr. Sharon Wagner and her full-time faculty, Drs. Sylvia Flatt and Mark Lusnar. The faculty were assisted by Frank Gigliotti, program assistant, and the staff in CPS Operations.(More)
1. Executive Summary This self‐study report provides a review of the Master of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) program in the College of Professional Studies (CPS) at the University of San Francisco (USF). This is the first comprehensive program review undertaken for the MSOD program, which was developed as a substantial revision and extension of(More)
  • L M Starr
  • 1998
1. Program evaluation using a self instruction CPR home learning system indicated that people could learn CPR without attending a formal class. Reported training time for adult CPR averaged 1 hour, and ease of understanding was rated 4.9 on a 5 point scale. 2. Use of a home learning system can benefit a workplace by reducing reliance on a CPR instructor,(More)
Universities around the world, including the University of Pennsylvania, construct policies and procedures to help codify manners of behavior in the academic environment. This capstone examines the construction of an academic grievance policy for the graduate school of Arts and Sciences. I present the construction from the perspective of the school of Arts(More)