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Linking client data across care sectors and agencies is becoming essential to ensure continuity of care, evaluation, and planning of mental health services delivery. The Data Linkage System (DLS), a record-linked, client-based, mental health database in northwestern Ontario, was established in response to this need. It is a voluntary system currently used(More)
<lb>Ruminal acidosis is caused by an imbalance between<lb>the production of fermentation acids by microbes in<lb>the rumen and the absorption, passage,<lb>neutralization, and buffering of those acids. The<lb>production rate of fermentation acids is highly<lb>variable across diets and increases greatly with<lb>highly fermentable starch sources. Hydrogen(More)
AIM To study the therapeutic effect of Weixibaonizhuanwan on gastric precancerous lesions. METHODS Thirty-six patients with gastric precancerous lesions were treated with Weixibaonizhuanwan for 3 mo. Thirteen (36.1%) patients presented with mild atrophic gastritis, 14 (38.9%) with moderate atrophic gastritis, and nine (25.0%) with severe atrophic(More)
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