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A virtualized system includes a new layer of software, the virtual machine monitor. The VMM's principal role is to arbitrate accesses to the underlying physical host platform's resources so that multiple operating systems (which are guests of the VMM) can share them. The VMM presents to each guest OS a set of virtual platform interfaces that constitute a(More)
Nineteen teams presented results for the Gene Mention Task at the BioCreative II Workshop. In this task participants designed systems to identify substrings in sentences corresponding to gene name mentions. A variety of different methods were used and the results varied with a highest achieved F1 score of 0.8721. Here we present brief descriptions of all(More)
Genome sciences have experienced an increasing demand for efficient text-processing tools that can extract biologically relevant information from the growing amount of published literature. In response, a range of text-mining and information-extraction tools have recently been developed specifically for the biological domain. Such tools are only useful if(More)
Morphological analysis as applied to English has generally involved the study of rules for inflections and derivations. Recent work has attempted to derive such rules from automatic analysis of corpora. Here we study similar issues, but in the context of the biological literature. We introduce a new approach which allows us to assign probabilities of the(More)
PREFACE This tutorial has been organized to educate practicing engineers about the latest trends in automated analysis of faults. The history on this subject dates to the late eighties when first expert systems for automated analysis were introduced. These solutions were built using early expert system implemented with programming languages such as LISP,(More)
Power Quality has become a determining factor in product performance and reliability. The reactive portions of the power distribution network (PDN) have a greater effect on power quality than DC IR drop. Resonance in the parallel inductance and capacitance network creates an impedance peak in the frequency domain and undesirable voltage noise in the time(More)