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A 6 M guanidine-HCl/0.2 M EDTA solution was used to lyse and store whole blood specimens. DNA stored in guanidine-EDTA-blood (GEB) lysate was found to be undegraded after incubation at 37 degrees C(More)
Amplification of DNA sequences from the kinetoplast minicircle DNA was employed as a method for the detection and classification of small numbers of Trypanosoma cruzi cells. Two overlapping fragments(More)
Kinetoplast DNA (kDNA) was isolated from 56 stocks of Trypanosoma cruzi isolated from human patients, animals and insects from Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Costa Rica. Comparison of the patterns(More)
A panel of 114 blood samples from chronic chagasic patients and nonchagasic patients was screened for Trypanosoma cruzi by xenodiagnostic, serologic, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification(More)