Larry Reiter

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The objective of this study was to ascertain the likelihood of underlying renal disease or essential hypertension in women diagnosed antepartum as having pre-eclampsia. One hundred eighty-six women (antepartum diagnosis of pre-eclampsia in 87 women and gestational hypertension, also known as "mild pre-eclampsia" by other definitions, in 99 women) in whom no(More)
A conceptual/computational framework for exposure reconstruction from biomarker data combined with auxiliary exposure-related data is presented, evaluated with example applications, and examined in the context of future needs and opportunities. This framework employs physiologically based toxicokinetic (PBTK) modeling in conjunction with numerical(More)
This report describes a Polynesian family that had the rare combination of hyperuricemia, precocious gout, hypertension, and renal failure at an early age, with an autosomal dominant inheritance. One family member had renal biopsy evidence of interstitial urate crystal deposition, a surprisingly uncommon observation in such families, and most had decreased(More)
In this prospective study, prior to cholecystectomy, the diameter of the common hepatic duct was measured; duct size was then compared with probability of finding stones at operation. Of 115 patients entering the study, 36 had stones removed from the common duct at the time of cholecystectomy but only three (8%) were demonstrated by ultrasonography. No(More)
The stated objectives of these Target Organ Toxicity Symposia are to review the morphology, physiology, and biochemistry of the particular organ system, describe means used to assess toxicity, evaluate tests used for this assessment, and finally, to propose the application of recent advances to the development of practical test procedures. Basically, the(More)
OBJECTIVES Our goals were to determine (1) whether Korotkoff phase IV or V sound was a more accurate measure of diastolic blood pressure in pregnancy and (2) interobserver variability of mercury sphygmomanometry of pregnant women. STUDY DESIGN Direct (intraarterial) and indirect (mercury sphygmomanometry) blood pressures were compared in 28 pregnant(More)
1. Pre-eclampsia is characterized by reduced plasma active renin concentration and renal prostacyclin production. The aim of this study was to determine whether the plasma active renin concentration could be stimulated in women with pre-eclampsia by intravenous frusemide, which stimulates renin acutely through a prostacyclin-mediated mechanism. 2. Plasma(More)
Locomotor activity measurements have been used extensively to evaluate chemically-induced changes in CNS function. This paper focuses on several factors including apparatus, age, biological rhythm, and social setting, which influence both locomotor activity levels per se and chemically induced changes in these activity levels. These data illustrate that(More)
The effects of age and blood lead level (PbB) on slow cortical potentials elicited during classical conditioning were studied in children aged 13 to 75 months. At normal PbB levels (less than 30 micrograms/dl), SW voltage tended to be positive in children under five years old and negative in children over five years. A reverse age-related polarity shift was(More)