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A unique application of DSS concepts in energy policy analysis, EPLAN models U.S. energy demand using stored engineering and economic data and the values of user-supplied parameters. An ongoing project at the National Audubon Society (NAS) is the development of an interactive computer system (EPLAN, or Energy PLAN) that models the impacts of various public(More)
A system has been developed for choosing the best tool or language for the development of a particular knowledge-based application. The expert system determines what features the tool should have by asking the user about (1) the size, type and complexity of the application; (2) hardware requirements; (3) interface and graphics needs; (4) knowledge(More)
Concerns about the decline in computer science enrollments have appeared not only in computing publications but also in the mass media. Reasons for diminished interest in technology-oriented careers are many and complex. Proposed solutions for expanding the population of scientists and engineers are few and largely untested. One solution, sponsored by the(More)