Larry R. Hart

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Typically, sexually selected traits show positive allometry and high coefficients of variation (CV). To date, many studies on the allometry of genitalia have focused on insects. In addition, studies have largely ignored the potential for sexual selection on female genitalia, despite male and female structures presumably co-evolving. Insects tend to show(More)
The responses of 312 persons with alcoholism to the Alcohol-Use Inventory and Human Service Scale were subjected to canonical correlation analysis. Results indicate that the relationship between alcohol-use constructs and psychological need satisfaction can be explained by two axes: a personal securitysocial dimension and a personal stress-environmental(More)
A review of various legislative and judicial decisions in the area of alcohol abuse and alcoholism is presented. With heightened awareness of alcoholism as our nation's number one drug problem, the federal government has developed a national institute to coordinate multimodal prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation programs. It is noted that several(More)
The Laboratory of Pharmacology initiates and carries out research programs that are primarily concerned with (1) mechanisms by which environmental pollutants and effectors cause toxicity, (2) the development of better test systems for detecting and evaluating early toxic effects of chemicals occurring as environmental contaminants, and (3) extrapolating(More)
Ninety-four drinking drivers were surveyed to assess their attitudes on nine factors related to alcoholism and the alcoholic. Each of the factors was assessed according to Marcus' criterion. Two factors were extracted which differed from those of the general population norm group. These drinking drivers were positive in their belief that periodic excessive(More)
In an effort to demonstrate that alcoholics are a heterogeneous group, the strength of the relationship between sociodemographic and drinking variables to five differentiated homogeneous groups of alcoholics was assessed. Results of a χ2 analysis and ϕ test indicated that the majority of the variables were moderately to highly related to the derived(More)
Thirteen male and 11 female ex-addict staff members of a therapeutic community were surveyed to assess their attitudes on nine factors related to drug abuse and the drug abuser. Each factor was assessed according to the critieria established by Marcus. Both male and female groups held positive beliefs that psychological problems were contributing factors in(More)
This paper takes a different approach to overcoming this documentation problem. The approach taken incorporates within WYLBUR, an on-line program maintenance system, a set of documentation tools for allowing the system designers and programmers to automatically draw the necessary charts, and more importantly, to maintain these charts as the system and(More)
Many reports in the literature concerning the heroin addict and his addiction have been related to psychological tests and the personality and behavior among addicts. However, studies have not cited his adjustment problems. Forty-seven narcotic addicts were surveyed to determine their adjustment difficulties by an administration of the Mooney Problem(More)