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1. We studied cerebrovascular sequestration and blood-brain barrier (BBB) permeability to [125I]- or [123I]-labeled amyloid-beta peptides (A beta) in aged rhesus and aged squirrel monkey, the nonhuman primate models of cerebral beta-amyloidosis and cerebrovascular amyloid angiopathy (CAA), respectively. 2. In aged rhesus, the half-time of elimination of(More)
Efforts to improve the computational reconstruction of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae biochemical reaction network and to refine the stoichiometrically constrained metabolic models that can be derived from such a reconstruction have continued since the first stoichiometrically constrained yeast genome scale metabolic model was published in 2003. Continuing(More)
Updates to maintain a state-of-the art reconstruction of the yeast metabolic network are essential to reflect our understanding of yeast metabolism and functional organization, to eliminate any inaccuracies identified in earlier iterations, to improve predictive accuracy and to continue to expand into novel subsystems to extend the comprehensiveness of the(More)
Haidt and Bjorklund offer two important correctives to the longstanding cognitive perspective of moral reasoning. As Haidt and Bjorklund point out, psychological science is in the process of abandoning the view that humans make decisions in the classical sense, as rational decision makers who reason deliberately under full conscious control. Instead, human(More)
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