Larry Oolman

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Antifreeze glycopeptide and peptides from the blood of polar fishes prevent the growth of ice crystals in water at temperatures down to approximately 1 degree C below freezing point, but do not appreciably influence the equilibrium freezing point. This freezing point hysteresis must be a disequilibrium effect, or it would violate Gibbs' phase rule, but the(More)
It has only been in the last few years that accurate measurement of the horizontal pressure gradient has been possible over complex terrain using an airborne platform. To infer forcing mechanisms for the wind, an independent measure of the height of an isobaric surface is required. Differential GPS analyses have enabled determination of the aircraft height(More)
1. ABSTRACT Atmospheric rotors are horizontally aligned vortices that develop in atmospheric flows downstream of terrain obstacles, such as those offered by mountain ranges. Rotor structure and evolution are strongly tied to the nature of the flow within the boundary layer and of concurrent mountain-induced internal gravity waves aloft. Mountain waves and(More)
The summertime Great Plains low-level jet (LLJ) has been the subject of numerous investigations during the past several decades. Characteristics of the LLJ include nighttime development of a pronounced wind maximum of typically 15–20 m s at levels 300–800 m above the surface and a clockwise rotation of the wind maximum during the course of the night.(More)
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