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Affordance Ontology: Towards a Unified Description of Affordances as Events
An argument is developed that suggests the concept of affordances can best facilitate the pursuit of new knowledge if it’s defined as an event. Expand
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Examination of the Use of Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics & Outlooks for the Future
Heuristics are commonly employed throughout various stages of the design process to evaluate the usability of interfaces. Expand
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Thermodynamics and Cognition: Towards a Lawful Explanation of the Mind
An argument is developed to show that explanations of biological and physical systems can be unified via the second law of thermodynamics (SLT). Expand
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Examining Parent Versus Child Reviews of Parental Control Apps on Google Play
We found that reviews written by parents differed statistically from those written by children such that it is possible to computationally automate the process of differentiating between them. Expand