Larry Meadows

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OpenMP is fast becoming the standard paradigm for parallelizing applications for shared memory multiprocessor (SMP) systems. With a relatively small amount of coding effort, users can obtain scalable performance for their applications on an SMP system. In this paper, we present an overview of OpenMP support in the Sun ONE Studio 8 Compiler Collection(tm).(More)
The OpenMP 3.0 standard should be released for public comment by the time of this conference. OpenMP 3.0 is the first major upgrade of the OpenMP standard since the merger of the C and Fortran standards in OpenMP 2.5. This talk will give an overview of the new features in the OpenMP standard and show how they help to extend the range of problems for which(More)
Puberty onset involves increased gonadotrophin-release (GnRH) release as a result of decreased sensitivity to oestrogen (E2 )-negative feedback. Because GnRH neurones lack E2 receptor α, this pathway must contain interneurones. One likely candidate is KNDy neurones (kisspeptin, neurokinin B, dynorphin). The overarching hypothesis of the present study was(More)
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