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Active Bacterial Core surveillance (ABCs) is a collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and several state health departments and universities participating in the Emerging Infections Program Network. ABCs conducts population-based active surveillance, collects isolates, and performs studies of invasive disease caused by(More)
CycSecure TM is a network risk assessment and network monitoring application that relies on knowledge-based artificial intelligence technologies to improve on traditional network vulnerability assessment. CycSecure integrates public reports of software faults from online databases, data gathered automatically from computers on a network and hand-ontologized(More)
domain expert needs to validate the model. A hybrid solution has been chosen for text generation: a classical NLG approach is adopted for the planning of the global structure of the text, while exible templates are used for sentence level generation. The formalism devised for templates copes with morphological agreement and phonological adjustment, thus(More)
(vinylidene difluoride) for immunodetection with anti-a 1H antibody and enhanced chemiluminescence. Films were scanned in a Molecular Dynamics Personal Densitometer and the integrated density of a 1H bands was quantified with ImageQuant 5.2 software. Cytoplasmic II–III linkers of a 1H (3117–3696) and a 1G (2902–3762) were amplified by polymerase chain(More)
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