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Current studies are inconclusive regarding specific patterns of gender differences in age-associated hearing loss. This paper presents results from the largest and longest longitudinal study reported to date of changes in pure-tone hearing thresholds in men and women screened for otological disorders and noise-induced hearing loss. Since 1965, the Baltimore(More)
Assigning anatomic labels to coronary arteries in X-ray angiograms is an important task in medical imaging, motivated by the desire to standardize the assessment of coronary artery disease and to facilitate the three-dimensional (3-D) reconstruction and visualization of the coronary vasculature. However, automatic labeling poses a number of significant(More)
The basis for the Science Data Processing (SDP) Toolkit algorithms for time transformations, spacecraft ephemeris and attitude access, coordinate system transformations (other than map projections), and celestial body access is presented, as well as for the tools that determine if an Earth point or celestial body is in the field of view (FOV). A few typical(More)
This document is a release of a primer manual for using the Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) and extensions (HDF-EOS) in Earth Observing System (EOS), Version 1 and later. We confine our discussion in this document to HDF V4 and the versions of HDF-EOS (V2), which are based on that version of HDF. A new version of HDF (V5) has been released. Additional(More)
Two 9-dihydrotaxane analogues were synthesised and tested for in vitro potency and in vivo efficacy against murine and human tumour xenografts in mice. The in vitro potency of 9-dihydrotaxol (9-DH-t) and 10-deacetyl-9-dihydrotaxol (10-DeAc-9-DH-t) was generally less than that of paclitaxel against human and murine tumour cells. However, both analogues were(More)
  • Alfredo Arcilla, Joyce Balimbin, Gina Gaborno, Larry Klein, Robert Kosai, Deseree Moon +23 others
  • 2000
Warranty This manual is provided " as is " without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Moreover, USC reserves the right to revise this manual and to make changes periodically without obligation to notify any person or organization of(More)
Observations on adult interindividual spacing and social interactions for 13 spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) of an approximately 48 animal captive colony were made from mid-June through August 1972. In this analysis the interanimal distances, general activities, and social interactions per minute observation for each subject were compared for a sample of(More)
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