Larry K. Raper

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SOM (IBM's System Object Model) removes a major impediment to reuse in Object-Oriented Programming by facilitating the programming of release-to-release binary compatible class libraries. This is accomplished by supporting a large number of compatibility preserving transformations. Taken together these transformations compose a discipline for programming(More)
Object-oriented programming is quickly establishing itself as an important methodology in developing high quality, reusable code. The most promising packaging technology for reusable object-oriented code seems to be based on class libraries. Current technologies for packaging class libraries have several problems, the most important of which is that they(More)
Introduction Despite all of its promise, software reuse in object-oriented programming has yet to reach its full potential. We recognize that a major impediment to reuse is the inability to evolve a compiled class library without abandoning the support for the already compiled applications. The underlying cause of this problem is that the typical(More)
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