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Puberty is a central process in the complex set of changes that constitutes the transition from childhood to adolescence. Research on the role of pubertal change in this transition has been impeded by the difficulty of assessing puberty in ways acceptable to young adolescents and others involved. Addressing this problem, this paper describes and presents(More)
It is generally believed that prior to the middle to late elementary school years children's reports of anxious symptoms represent nothing more than transient developmental phenomena. In light of the limited empirical study of this issue and its import to the allocation of mental health resources, the present study seeks to provide empirical evidence of the(More)
In an earlier study of an epidemiologically defined sample of first grade children, primarily between the ages of 5 and 6, self-reported anxious symptoms proved relatively stable and were significantly related to adaptive functioning. In the present study we follow that cohort of first graders longitudinally and assess the prognostic value of self-reports(More)
We studied the course of aggressive behavior in an epidemiologically defined sample of first graders with and without comorbid anxious symptoms. Our primary purpose in doing so was to understand whether the stability of aggression in young children was attenuated or strengthened in the presence of comorbid anxiety. Previous studies of older children and(More)
Effects on adjustment of biological maturation and social timing were compared using data from a longitudinal sample of 335 young adolescents, who were followed from the sixth through eighth grades. Biological maturation was estimated from the relative timing of the adolescent growth spurt. Social timing was assessed by grade in school. Five adjustment(More)
In the first longitudinal, population-based study of full-day kindergarten (FDK) outcomes beyond primary school in Canada, we used linked administrative data to follow 15 kindergarten cohorts (n ranging from 112 to 736) up to grade 9. Provincial assessments conducted in grades 3, 7, and 8 and course marks and credits earned in grade 9 were compared between(More)
The question of whether self-reported depressive symptoms in young children represent more than transient developmental phenomena was examined in an epidemiologically defined sample of 1,313 first graders. Children's reports of depressive symptoms were relatively stable over a 4-month interval. The level of stability was particularly impressive for children(More)
iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First and foremost I have to acknowledge and thank my loving parents and my sister. Without their support – not only financial but emotional and spiritual – this whole adventure that is graduate school would have been impossible. Secondly, I must express my most sincere gratitude towards my advisor Dr. Department for believing in me and(More)
PROJECT SUMMARY The purpose of this proposal is to increase interest in majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) among non-STEM majors. To date, most programs have focused on the high switch-out rate among those initially interested in STEM. The NSF and Carnegie (Quantway and Statway) are spending millions to remedy this. A(More)